Can you use your company name? 5 steps to learn the free function of company search

Mar 14, 2024 | 香港公司設立

Summary: Before opening a company, the first step is to draw up a company name. But how can you be sure your ideal company name isn’t being used? This article will focus on how to use the free function of the company search to determine the company name.

Before opening a company, it is necessary to avoid that the company’s proposed name is not duplicate or too similar to the existing company, otherwise the company’s application will be rejected or there will be a situation where the name needs to be changed in the future.

You can conduct 24-hour online searches through the “Online Search Centre” ( and “Company Search Mobile Service” ( provided by the Companies Registry’s Integrated Information System (ICRIS), so that you can check the information of each company and check the availability of the company name anytime, anywhere.

The following is a demonstration of the search procedure for searching company names at the Online Search Centre:

Go to the Online Search Centre”

The URL is:, generally select no account user.

Search Procedure: Log on to the Companies Registry's online search process

Provide real-name information and select the purpose of use

The system provides English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified three language options, you need to provide the real-name information of the searcher, and then you need to enter the verification password and the purpose of the search.

Search procedures: real-name registration and purpose of use

Click “View”, “Company Name”

Find the search service through the menu above, select “Search”, “Company Name”.

Search procedure: consult the name of the company

Enter a company name

You can select the “Search by Full Name” method, select the language, and enter the company name you need to search to check whether the company name has been registered.

Search procedure: Check whether the company name has been registered

Query results

Cannot be used

If the search results in the status of “active”, it means that the name is still registered and is still in use, and the name can no longer be used.

Can be used

However, if the search results show “No records match the information entered for the query”, it means that the name has not been registered, and you can select this name as the company name.

Company Search provides enterprises and individuals with verifiable information to establish a transparent business environment in Hong Kong, entrepreneurs can first go to the Online Search Centre to determine whether their preferred company name is available, so as to avoid rejection when submitting a company application.


By making good use of the company search function, it is possible to determine whether the drafted name is usable as quickly as possible. In addition, there are other free and service services for company search, click on company search to learn more!

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